Ideal Mow provide reliable services with quality results. We welcome feedback and communication to ensure perfect results. We at Ideal Mow definitely find it a rewarding feeling to see a well cut lawn with straight lines. Ideal Mow has up to date gear to ensure the best results. We use Stihl Machinery and operate a Walker T25i high dump catcher mower. The walker is also great for excess leaves.

Ride on Mowing with Catcher

Ride on mowing services - catching the clippings every time for a great looking lawn. Clippings can be taken away or added to your compost.

Hedge Cutting

Nicely trimmed hedges can take your property from looking good to looking great.

Weed Spraying

Keep your property looking good with regular spraying of unsightly weeds.

Lawn Edges Trimmed

Top off a nicely mown lawn with professional edge trimming. This will transform your lawns from beautiful to stunning.